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Strategic aim 4a

Sustain and develop high impact research and knowledge exchange activities.

Development of the knowledge economy within our region requires a range of indigenous research and knowledge exchange activity associated with a university which has research excellence of international standing and which also engages in applied research and knowledge exchange activity of direct relevance to employers and to society.

Objectives within the term of this strategic plan:

4a.1    Build upon existing research excellence in areas relevant to our vision and purpose with a focus on marine science, renewable energy, rural environment, life science, culture and heritage.

4a.2    Optimise our submission to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

4a.3    Develop a new theme of pedagogic research, allied to our learning and teaching.

4a.4    Engage with businesses and employers within the region and beyond in the development of applied research, consultancy and knowledge exchange.

4a.5    Encourage and support academic staff to engage in the level of research, knowledge exchange and scholarly activity appropriate to their role, in relation to both their subject and its pedagogy, in order to promote a culture of enquiry throughout the university.

4a.6     Improve the linkages between our research and curriculum.

Strategic aim 4b

Achieve research degree awarding powers.

Achievement of research degree awarding powers (a fundamental characteristic of a university in Scotland and a commitment embedded in our constitution) rests upon a foundation of appropriately qualified and experienced staff who are acknowledged by their peers for their expertise and who are fully engaged in their discipline.  This requires an institutional culture which fosters and supports creative research and scholarship and which manages sustainable research and knowledge exchange activities to national and international levels of recognition.

Objectives within the term of this strategic plan:

4b.1    Implement sector best practice in researcher development.

4b.2    Promote a pervasive research culture in support of staff scholarship.

4b.3    Agree and progress a timescale and process for the achievement of research degree awarding powers.

The University of the Highlands and Islands Strategic Plan 2012-17 as approved by Court on 13 December 2011