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Governance and management

Strategic aim 5

Ensure the leadership and governance necessary to advance our purpose and vision and which reflect our commitment and connection to our students, communities and stakeholders.

As a new university in times of worldwide economic uncertainty, we face significant challenges but also opportunities.  These require leadership, good governance and sound management if they are to be addressed.  They also require us to work even more closely in partnership across the further and higher education sectors, with the public sector more widely and with third and private sector partners where appropriate.

Objectives within the term of this strategic plan:

5.1    Complete a review of governance and implement the outcome.

5.2    Enhance opportunities for staff development, including putting in place a leadership development programme.

5.3    Ensure that the student voice is central to our decision making processes in governance and in academic management.

5.4    Engage with regional and local stakeholders to ensure that their needs and expectations are reflected in our plans and activities.

5.5    Fully engage with Community Planning Partnerships within our region.

5.6     Ensure a ‘no wrong door’ approach to engagement with potential students and employers.

5.7    Promote diversity within our staff and student body and deal with all on a basis of equality and with respect for their culture and values.

5.8    Strategically and selectively develop collaborations with national and international partners where these are consistent with our strategic objectives and our quality standards.

The University of the Highlands and Islands Strategic Plan 2012-17 as approved by Court on 13 December 2011