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Finance and infrastructure

Strategic aim 6

Be able to invest in strategic initiatives and to take advantage of new opportunities.


As a new institution, we need to be able to invest and grow.  This will require an increased share of the funding available from the public purse in recognition of our recently attained university status and the historic geographic imbalance in the distribution of higher education funding in Scotland.  For our part we will develop sources of funding which, over the term of this plan, will increase our income from sources other than the Scottish Funding Council.

Objectives within the term of this strategic plan:

6.1    Generate surpluses from recurrent activities, over the medium to long term, in order to build reserves and support investment.

6.2    Develop funding streams from sources other than the Scottish Funding Council.

6.3    Create a governance model that optimises use of resources and which permits the redistribution of surpluses between centres and activities, in order to meet strategic objectives.

6.4    Within the constraints in which we operate, invest strategically in our estates and infrastructure, including in partnership with others, in order to meet the needs and expectations of our developing student, staff and research profiles.


The University of the Highlands and Islands Strategic Plan 2012-17 as approved by Court on 13 December 2011