Ambassador recognition


Ambassador of the Year award

There will be an annual Ambassador of the Year award, who will be our first?!

Thank you!

We would like to publicly thank all of our ambassadors (with their permission) - coming soon!

Did you take time off work? 

Just ask and we’ll be happy to write to your line manager to put your time on record and thank them for allowing you to volunteer.

On LinkedIn? Add volunteering activity to your profile!

You can include a section on your profile under 'volunteer experience' by clicking the ‘+’ icon then:

Organisation: University of the Highlands and Islands

Role: e.g. 'Careers mentor', 'Recruitment ambassador', 'Global alumni contact'

Cause: 'Education'

Tick: 'I currently volunteer here'

You can also add a short description. Inspiration below!

‘I support student career development by sharing my advice, providing inspiration and helping students to prepare for the workplace beyond graduation’

'I support the university's profile raising activity by supporting local student recruitment drives such as fairs and championing the university through my networks'

'I am the university's alumni association representative for my home city. I act as the key regional contact for alumni and coordinate social events. I'm also a source of local knowledge and support for university staff'