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The Yesnaby Art and Archaeology Research Project (YAARP)

The Yesnaby Art & Archaeology Research Project (YAARP) is a multi-year art and archaeology project, which aims to investigate the landscape of Yesnaby as a means of developing our understanding and public awareness of this important but comparatively unknown archaeological resource within Orkney. The project is led by Dr James Moore and Orkney-based artist Rik Hammond (James leading on the archaeological side and Rik the art - but working collaboratively regarding overall project development and direction), along with Dr Sarah Jane Gibbon and input from other students and local volunteers.

The project employs a core methodology of combining landscape survey techniques – geophysics, walkover and measured survey, with arts practice based work as a means of investigating and characterising the development of the cultural landscape of Yesnaby. Survey data provides a means of establishing a clearer understanding of the geographical and chronological spread and development of the landscape. Creative tasks and challenges are utilised as a means of encouraging the team to widen their thinking about both the project and the landscape, and to develop new skills and tactics with which to consider the archaeological resource. It is intended that such practices will lead to multi-vocal and diverse interpretations which enhance and move beyond traditional archaeological ideas.

Find out more about the project via out Facebook page (www.yaarp.org.uk) and twitter feed (@YAARP_Orkney). You can also explore Rik Hammond’s other work at www.rikhammond.com