About us


We are part of the Faculty of Science, Health and the Environment. We work to qualify, develop, protect, and commercialise novel technologies through licensing, strategic business partnerships, and forming spin-out companies.

  • We help to assess your ideas by considering their commercial potential
  • We help you protect those ideas through patents and other forms of intellectual property
  • We provide advice on developing your idea towards a proof of concept technology that businesses want to see
  • We help with funding, partnerships, and training in technology development

Meet the team

Health and life science research covers a range of disciplines that impact human health, from genes through to environment and infrastructure.

To contact any of the team members, email innovation@uhi.ac.uk

Professor Ian Megson content Ian Megson

Professor Ian Megson

Head of Institute for Health Research and Innovation

Prof. Megson oversees the activities of the various health research teams. 

Ms Morgane Artacho content Morgane Artacho

Ms Morgane Artacho

Project Manager - Health Innovation

Morgane supports the delivery of the overall City-Region Deal project at the university.

Partner organisations content

Partner organisations

Success in healthcare innovation depends on teamwork and collaboration.


We work closely with partner organisations throughout the Highlands and Islands, some of whom are listed below: