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Based on Britain’s most northerly islands, Shetland UHI offers an inspiring place to study and live with a lively social and cultural scene and great educational facilities.

We specialise in a number of subjects including :

Contemporary Textiles, Orkney & Shetland Studies and Scottish History & Archaeology.

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When I did the NC Art and Design here at Shetland UHI, I got the chance to experience an ERASMUS exchange programme and spent a month in Norway working for a business which specialised in making the Norwegian national costume, the Bunad. I loved it - I learned so much, and that is when I realised that textiles was definitely the type of degree I wanted to pursue.

I want to start my own knitwear business. It would be challenging of course, but with the support of the Shetland College Textile Facilitation Unit - which produces knitted textiles for both students and business - it could be a plausible prospect.

Rhea Kaye, BA (Hons) Contemporary Textiles student

I am from Slovakia and I relocated specifically to study in Scotland, on the beautiful Shetland Islands. This course is about creating fabrics from scratch, choosing fibres, learning techniques and making designs, which is all a journey. Whatis more, creating something out of nothing is really beautiful to me. I really admire how this university supports students across the Highlands and Islands, providing us with opportunities, activities and support. I am delighted to be part of this.

Tomas Toth / BA (Hons) Contemporary Textiles

The Score Draw placement has been hugely beneficial and has really fed a growing interest in working in this field. It involved building a music sync library for the University of the Highlands and Islands. Almost every aspect of the course leads into what I can see myself doing. The music technology has helped me build my knowledge and improve what I do in my home studio; the composition modules have helped me improve what I compose; and the musical history is vital and interesting.

Barry Nisbet / BA (Hons) Applied Music

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