Emergency Study Fund


We urgently need to raise funds to help our students affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We have 40,000 students across college and university-level courses and their welfare, and their ability to complete their education, is critically important, to them and to us.  We are doing everything we can to help them continue with their studies.

We have now switched to online delivery and students are being taught remotely by our academic staff.  Our support staff are now providing their student services online. But not all our students can access this.

We have had increasing numbers of students over the past few days contacting us to say that they don’t have a laptop at home, nor can they afford to buy one, or that their internet connection is not good enough to allow them to access online classes and course materials.

What difference will this money make to students?

  • Students currently unable to remain connected to the university, their lecturers, tutors and course materials will be able to receive laptops purchased by this money so they can quickly resume their studies and achieve the qualifications they have worked hard to date for
  • Students supported by this will avoid dropping out of courses simply because they do not have the equipment necessary to study at home 
  • Students will be able to study from home in remote and rural communities and in many cases, this will also enable them to meet caring responsibilities
  • It will allow those affected to participate in online social meetings they are currently excluded from, to maintain good mental health

How can you help?

Please donate what you can. Each £750 raised will allow us to reconnect another student.

Any amount can be donated and will accumulate to help us reach our target quickly.

How will we deliver support?

  • We will quickly order and purchase laptops and relevant technology, such as dongles
  • These will be provided to our students, sent home from campuses as a result of Covid-19, who do not currently have personal equipment or broadband connections and have hardship circumstances so cannot purchase these themselves
  • We are assimilating a list of all students who have asked for support, or have been identified as needing support
  • Our online course provision is already being delivered, these students just need access to it like their peers who do own, or can afford, their own laptops
  • These laptops would then be delivered as soon as possible to students in need, allowing them to resume their studies quickly