Prize for Engineering Excellence


Donated by Willie Printie, the Prize for Engineering Excellence is awarded annually in recognition of academic excellence in engineering at degree level.

Selected from graduating students from across the university, recipients have progressed from an engineering apprenticeship background gaining further education qualifications and then excelled during their degree studies. There is no application process; eligible students are nominated by programme leaders in consultation with the subject network leader.

Recipients of the Prize for Engineering Excellence:

  • 2020 Jack Hamilton
  • 2019 Brian Johnstone
  • 2018 Alexander MacKay
  • 2017 Paul Sinclair
  • 2016 Greg Lawrence
  • 2015 Kevin Cameron


Brian Johnstone and Willie Printie

"This annual award is to recognise someone who started their career as an apprentice, who excelled at both further and higher levels of education and graduated with a university degree in Engineering. The prize, in some small way, recognises the significant academic progression of students at the university.

I support the University of the Highlands and Islands to make a difference and enable more students to fulfil their academic potential. By being successful with their academic studies they will hopefully continue to grow, develop and achieve other aspects of their life dreams."

Willie J. Printie
Pictured above with Brian Johnstone, recipient of the Prize for Engineering Excellence in 2019