Claudia Baxendale


Perth College UHI student Claudia Baxendale has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen as she pursues her dream of becoming a home economics teacher.

Despite having to work up to 30 hours a week to help pay her way through university, Claudia, like one of her home-baked creations, has really risen to the challenge of completing a BA in Food, Nutrition and Textiles Education.

Receiving a scholarship allowed Claudia to spend more time on the academic side of her studies rather than work so many hours to help her pay the bills.

With a current severe shortage of higher education teachers in Scotland, helping committed students achieve their goals has never been more pressing.

Claudia Baxendale

"I am keen to bring my passion for food and education to a new generation so this scholarship will help support my own personal aspirations while also having far-reaching implications in the education of others."