Services that we offer

Learning resource development content

Learning resource development

Looking for a way to make your learning resources really engage students and extend their learning?

The EDU designs and develops a wide range of learning materials incorporating different levels of media richness and interactivity appropriate to your course. The learning materials are responsive allowing students to access them on any device. They comply with legislative requirements such as IPR and copyright, disability accessibility and equal opportunities. The EDU can also provide advice on and help you design your course space such as Blackboard.

Consultancy in curriculum and learning design

Would you like assistance with designing or restructure your course materials into a vibrant online format or perhaps help with designing a course that is to be delivered online?

The EDU’s expertise in curriculum and learning design can ensure high quality, innovative and creative solutions for teaching staff. Here’s an example from the Early Education and Childcare project which redesigned their course ahead of approval.

Project management

Do you need help with managing a curriculum or other educational project?

The EDU has developed a robust set of project management processes based on the Prince 2 that can be adapted to the requirements of each commercial project. This includes scoping, development of project plan, budget planning and monitoring, ongoing monitoring of progress, risk and issue monitoring and analysis, reporting and evaluation.

Skills enhancement

Do you feel that you or your staff need additional skills to ensure that they are able to use digital learning resources and the associated technology in the most effective way?

EDU can assist by:

  • Identifying skills gaps in this area
  • Planning an appropriate skills enhancement programme
  • Delivering of training either locally or remotely.
  • Evaluation of the intervention against expected outcomes.

On-going support and advice is also available.


Do you need help with judging how your courses are faring?

The EDU can offer expertise in evaluation; analysis; diagnostics and benchmarking and by doing so can help identify solutions.


Would you like to involve the EDU in your research project?

The EDU is well placed in the new Educational Research and Development Centre in Inverness Campus to collaborate in designing, running and evaluating pedagogic research projects. Assistance in applying for funding and the project management of such projects is also available as part of these projects.