Our values



As a member of the EDU team, working within and beyond the EDU, I demonstrate positive leadership qualities and a professional approach to provide an open, efficient and high quality service.


Collaboration is a central tenet of how the EDU works. As a member of the EDU team, I identify, encourage and implement collaborative working practices and knowledge exchange both internally and externally to UHI.


A supportive team that is positive and approachable is essential to the success of a project. As a member of the EDU team, I employ a supportive, non-judgemental approach to exceed colleague and customer expectation.


The EDU considers it crucial to have an up to date knowledge of the technology, pedagogy and the student learning environment for online leaning. As a member of the EDU team, I keep my professional knowledge current and apply this knowledge to my work.


EDU strives to produce creative and innovative solutions to solve problems. As a member of the EDU team, I adopt innovative and creative approaches to meet modern learning and teaching needs and to identify and develop relevant opportunities for the EDU.


Quality underpins everything that the EDU does. The elements of quality that are constantly monitored are our products, processes, current relevance and compliance.