Welcome to the Brightspace FAQ page. Below you will find some general FAQs as well as Brightspace tool specific FAQs.

If you have a question not answered in the FAQ below, please email edu@uhi.ac.uk.

Brightspace General FAQs content

Brightspace General FAQs

Brightspace General FAQs

Where should I set up the resit for my module?

You can set up your resit in the current module space, however it is important that you don't have an end date entered.  The module will remain active until after the mark entry date.  If you have set a date for the module to become 'unavailable' please uncheck the box to ensure resit students retain access for their resit.

What will happen to my modules/units at the end of a semester?

The final process has yet to be agreed however 2019/20 spaces will be made 'read only' after the mark entry date.

I want to start preparing a new module which will be delivered for the first time in 20/21, where should I develop it?

You need to raise a Unidesk ticket for a development space.  When the 2020/21 space is available you can copy over the content.

I'm new to Brightspace, where should I start?

First you need to have access to Brightspace, your personal sandbox and the Professional Development Module.  If you can't log in or can't see either of these spaces then raise a Unidesk ticket.  Once you have access, work your way through the first few items in the Professional Development Module.  If you need local support you should contact your local Brightspace Champion.

What should I do if I'm asked to take over a unit or module and nothing has been migrated from Blackboard?

LIS have an archive of all the final Blackboard spaces you can raise a Unidesk ticket to ask for migration into your course space in Brightspace.

Can I request migration of my 2018/19 Semester 2 Blackboard content?

Yes you can by raising a Unidesk ticket.

How are HN and FE students enrolled?

The FE and HN student enrolment process is exactly the same as it was for Blackboard. There are three options:  

  • FE and HN students will be enrolled automatically providing the correct enrolment data is available in SITS and students are marked 'current'.   
  • The VLE support officer will enrol FE and HN students where APs supply the enrolment data.   
  • FE and HN Lecturers will continue to have the ability to enrol their own students in Brightspace.  

How are HE students be enrolled?

The HE student enrolment process is exactly the same as it was for Blackboard:   

  • SITS (the Student Record System) are automatically enrol HE students on their Brightspace Modules/Courses.   
  • HE students may not be enrolled manually. VLE Support will identify issues with student registrations and will run comparisons between SITS records and actual enrolments in the VLE.  
  • Any additional amendments need to be routed via SRO only.

Can I have a cyber cafe in my Brightspace course?

Cyber cafes and other non teaching spaces have been replaced by one programme space for each programme.  All degree and HE programmes automatically have a programme space.  The person responsible for other programmes can request a programme space.  Programme leaders may choose to use these spaces in a variety of ways, for example for programme-wide discussion boards, cross-module collaboration, student induction, programme handbooks etc.

Some colleagues have a Sandbox, what can that be used for and can I have one too?

Sandboxes (prefix SAND_): each Brightspace user may have one sandbox for individual use. No other person may be added to a sandbox. If you need to work collaboratively a Dev space should be requested by the person responsible for the new development or activity. No students can be added to sandboxes so no teaching can take place. At the end of each year all sandboxes which have not been used in the previous twelve months will be deleted. Sandboxes are intended for testing and experimenting with Brightspace tools only, they may not be used as a store for files and learning resources. If you don't have a sandbox you should raise a Unidesk ticket.

I want to develop some new ideas for my Brightspace course with some colleagues, where can I do that?

You can request a Dev spaces (prefix DEV_): these are to be used for teams to collaborate on the development of content and you will have the role called ‘designer’. No students can be added to Dev spaces so no teaching can take place. To ensure that duplicate spaces are not created, only the person in charge of the new development may request this space. Request a Dev space by raising a Unidesk ticket.



Brightspace Tool FAQs content

Brightspace Tool FAQs

Brightspace Tool FAQs

I see we can use either the Brightspace ePortfolio or Mahara, how can I decide which one will suit me best?

The Brightspace eportfolio tool is fully integrated with Brightspace so it's easy to incorporate tools like rubrics and forms, however Mahara has some functionality not available in the Brightspace tool. Explore the Brighspace eportfolio guidance and Mahara guidance to help you decide which is the best tool for you.

There are two Virtual Classroom tools, how can I decide which one to use?

The decision rests on the tools you want to use. If the advanced features of Collaborate are not required staff should use the Brightspace virtual classroom, Bongo. The Collaborate licence has been extended to the end of the 2019/20 academic year. Virtual classroom provision will be reviewed in the coming year and it is possible that a new system will be in place for the 20/21 academic year. To find out more about Bongo and see it in action, watch the recording from the EDU webinar on 23rd May 2019. You may also like to have a look at the Virtual Classroom guidance.

How do I set up Collaborate sessions in Brightspace?

Have a look at our guidance on this topic in the EDU Support Portal. 

Are there any guides that I can pass on to my students?

The Essential Student Skills resource has been updated and contains a new section on Brightspace.

How do I make my unit or module live?

You can find guidance in the Quick Start Guide, page 21.

I want to use a blog in my course, what should I use?

There is a basic blog tool in Brightspace and Mahara can be used successfully as a blog. If you would like to use a blog, we would recommend using Mahara. Learn more about using Mahara as blog tool by looking at the Mahara blog guidance.

I want to use a wiki in my course, what should l use?

We have a put a temporary, GDPR compliant wiki tool in place. Please see this guidance on creating a wiki.   We are continuing to look for a wiki that is more suitable for learning and teaching and GDPR compliant. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki SLWG, please contact edu@uhi.ac.uk. 

Is Turnitin still available?

Yes, the license for Turnitin has been extended for another year for degree and HE modules only. The Turnitin license will expire at the end of this academic year and it is possible that it will be replaced with a new product for the 20/21 academic year. Before you use Turnitin for the first time, you should request a Turnitin user account and familiarise yourself with the UHI Turnitin policy and training. Please also note that you should only use Turnitin in teaching spaces and not in Sandboxes. Here is guidance on using Turnitin with Brightspace.

Can I still use SafeAssign?

SafeAssign has been replaced by Urkund for originality checking of FE units only. Here is guidance on using Urkund with Brightspace.

Can I use the Brightspace quiz tool for summative assessments?

Yes, you can use the quiz tool for summative assessments and for exams students have to sit throughout or at the end of the semester. To explore the quiz tool further and learn more about how to set up some of the more advanced settings like password protection for quizzes, have a look at the  Brightspace quiz tool guidance.

Can I use the Brightspace quiz tool for formative assessments?

Yes, quizzes are ideal as formative assessments which students complete throughout your module/unit/course. This can help students evaluate their understanding of course materials. You could also use the quiz tool for mock quizzes students can complete as practice to prepare for their summative assessments. To explore the quiz tool, have a look at the Brightspace quiz tool guidance.

Can I use the Brightspace assignment for summative assessments?

Yes, you can use the assignments tool to set up assignment dropboxes where students can submit their summative assessments, i.e. essays or other types of research papers, throughout as well as the the end of the semester. To learn more about the assignment tool, have a look at the Brightspace assignment tool guidance.

Can I use the Brightspace assignment for formative assessments?

Yes, you can set up assignment folders for formative assessments students have to complete throughout the semester. To learn more about the assignment tool, have a look at the Brightspace assignment tool guidance.

My students have a practical assignment, can I record the feedback and mark in Brightspace?

Yes, you can. When you set up a new assignment, you have the choice between different types of assignment folders. You can either require students to make a submission in Brightspace themselves but you can also set up 'Observed in person' or 'On paper submission' assignment folders. For these types of assignments, students are not required to submit anything to Brightspace. Instead, you can use these types of folders to record the feedback, rubric evaluations and marks for the student. To learn more about the assignment tool, have a look at the Brightspace assignment tool guidance.

Should I use a rubric in Brightspace or should I use a rubric in Turnitin?

Turnitin should only be used in degree and HE modules.
If you have used Turnitin rubrics before, you should be able to access them in Brightspace where you can use them in the Turnitin Feedback Studio. Have a look at the Turnitin guidance for Brightspace to see how to select and attach a rubric to a Brightspace assignment.
If you do not want to use the Turnitin feedback studio tools or are teaching FE or HN, we would recommend that you use the Brightspace rubrics tool and the Brightspace assignment annotation tool. To learn more about rubrics and annotating in Brightspace go to the Brightspace Support Portal have a look at the 'Assessment' category.

How can I learn more about how to use the tools in Brightspace?

We have created the Brightspace Support Portal for all the UHI guidance we have developed. You can also check the D2L YouTube channel for short 'how to' videos as well as the more in-depth videos in the D2L Subscription training. You will need to log into the Brightspace Community and go to 'Learning Centre' to see the Subscription training.