VLE resit submissions

Resit assignments from the 2018/19 exam boards, which would normally be submitted in Blackboard, can be submitted in Brightspace.  LIS will set up a dedicated assignment space with a simplified template for every module that has resit students.

The information needed to create Brightspace spaces for resits comes from SITS.  We will create the spaces as soon as the information is available - due to delays in marks being entered, this could be as late as the Exam and Progression boards. Support will available if required. Resit support materials will be updated to reflect this change. We will set spaces up as soon as we have the information and will inform staff as soon as they are ready.

Module leaders, who want their students to submit to a VLE, will need to do the following:

  1. Check the resit assignment space is visible on their Brightspace homepage.
  2. If necessary, request access for other staff members;
  3. Upload assignment details to the Brightspace assignment space;
  4. Attend exam board;
  5. Advise students:
    1. they will submit in Brightspace;
    2. to check they can access the correct assignment space;
    3. they will only have access to course materials in Blackboard until 31 July; if they need access after that they will need to have downloaded them themselves.
    4. where to find student guidance information.
  6. Go on holiday!
  7. Mark assignments in Brightspace.

If these arrangements do not suit your course timetable please let us know as soon as possible by emailing edu@uhi.ac.uk so alternative arrangements can be made.

In addition to the brief process outline above, the EDU has produced a staff guide with more detailed information. EDU has also produced a guide for students.