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Teachonline.ca is a Canadian website that allows teaching staff to find the latest trends, best practices, training opportunities, and teaching resources in online and distance learning.

The Contact North | Contact Nord International Pockets of Innovation, focuses on how faculty and instructors are using emerging technologies and online tools to improve the learning experience for students outside of Ontario. The key feature is the commitment of faculty and instructors to share their experiences with their colleagues around the world.

Article 31.05.2017: Enhancing Student Learning, Curriculum Resources, Staff Development, and Employer Satisfaction in the Educational Development Unit at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland

Jisc videos : Jisc member stories

The Network: helping University of the Highlands and Islands with remote learning - in this Jisc video, Keith Smyth, Professor of Pedagogy at UHI explains remote learning at the University.

Flexible online learning at University of Highlands and Islands - in this Jisc video, Stuart Fitzsimmons, an aquaculture trainer at The NAFC Marine Centre UHI, describes how the University of the Highlands and Islands is bringing dispersed students together to help the remote community thrive.

Jisc website blogs for eTIPS project  (EDU staff)

Exploring the University as an e-Textbook Provider of Scholarly Work - Scott Connor from the EDU is one of the joint authors.

eTIPS Use Case Blogpost by Jacky Macmillan, head of the EDU