The Scholarship Fund

Help students reach their full potential by removing financial barriers content

Help students reach their full potential by removing financial barriers

When offset against the already sizeable costs for modern-day students, £1,000 may not seem huge. But it’s clear from the recipients of the University Scholarship Fund, that it can often mean the difference between continuing with their studies or being forced to give them up, never to resume again. Three themes emerge in particular when students say why the grants have made a difference to them: heartfelt thanks, humility, and of course, the pull of the Highlands and Islands.

When you read the first-hand account of recipients, they are incredibly humble about their achievements. In a small but crucial way the additional funds have helped to change their lives – enabling them to continue their higher education studies by paying for essential travel; course equipment and materials; and, for some student parents, contributing towards childcare costs to allow them more time for uninterrupted study.


The funds we receive, through kind donations from supporters who share our vision and our passion for making a difference, play a significant role in enabling our students to continue to progress through their studies.

Each year the fund typically receives three times more applications than the number of awards available. We would love to be in a position to help more of our students but we urgently need new donations to enable us to do this.