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Let's get our #HeadsTogether to transform the state of student mental health

‘Feeling great’ – being fit!

Highlife highland are coming to Beechwood and Scottish School of Forestry to advertise the partnership and 10% membership discounts available for students.   They will be bringing some equipment in for students to try out.

‘Feeling great’ – stressing less!

Student Stress Kits will be handed out by the Guidance Team.

 ‘Feeling great’ – ‘look after your mate’!

Part of a national campaign in association with LUSH and student minds – Students will be encouraged to consider how they help their friends and how they improve each other’s mental health.  Their thoughts are put on fruit pieces and attached to our wellbeing tree, then the photo stories shall be created into a you tube film.

‘Feeling great’ – saving money!

In association with the Co-operative supermarket there will be a shopping basket challenge to show how much you can save with smart shopping and promote their 10% student discount scheme. The Guidance Team will be handing out free recipe booklets for students.  Vegetables will be available for students to create art with ‘feeling great’ as the subject and the winning creation with win the shopping basket.

‘Feeling great’ – smiling bright!

NHS oral health educators will be visiting to talk to students about oral health and the benefits with some freebies for students with children and hopefully some for adults as well.

‘Feeling great’ – asking for help!

The Samaritans will be in attendance to discuss their services with students.

‘Feeling great’ – feeling mindful!

"Mindfulness and Compassion" one way to find peace in a frantic world.   

 “Mindfulness is…..paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally.” Jon Kabat Zinn

Do you find you keep getting hijacked by thoughts, worries and feelings about the past or the future? So that you can’t enjoy life now, sleep or get done what you need to? Do you often criticise and speak to yourself as “silly”, “stupid”, “useless” etc. in a way that you would never speak to others?

Mindfulness can be a set of simple practices to dissolve anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and unhappiness. One way to learn how to make your life to make it a more productive, creative, fulfilling and enjoyable place to be.  It can be done by anyone--and it can take just 10-20 minutes a day for the full benefits to be revealed.

‘Feeling great’ – feeling safe!

A policeman from northern police is doing classroom talks on driving safely, internet safety and drug safety for interested class groups.

‘Feeling great’ – feeling understood!

There will be two sessions of staff training on autism and students run by a past student with Autism who is now an employee of Highland Autism Initiatives who runs a support group in College for students on the spectrum.

And much more!!   For further information, please contact your local Guidance team.

This is the movie produced throughout Happy Healthy You week 2015 by Inverness college UHI students: