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Events @ Perth College UHI

Throughout the week we will have stands with the Healthy Happy You booklets, stress balls, a focus on cyberbullying and our top tips to stay safe on line. Together with a stand looking at Money advice, budgeting and how money worries can affect your mental health.


Monday 17th February

Our Hairdressing and Beauty Teams will be offering reduced price treatments for all staff and students, focusing on how being in touch with your body and taking care of yourself can help you to feeling good both physically and mentally.

Tuesday 18th of February

Sports students will provide fitness tests/challenges in corridor 2 hr slot – 10 – 12 .  They will also be organising an orienteering turn up and try in afternoon starting from  Webster building (1 hr slot) – 1pm – 2pm.

The Hospitality team are providing a table of crudités and smoothies, with nutrition information and advice on how to increase your intake of fruit and veg.

VC of YCC at 12pm from Surbjit.

Thursday 20th of February

C.A.B, RASAC and Hope Pregnancy all having stalls within the refectory corridor.  RASAC providing at talk via VC at 12pm about staying safe.   David Smith, Health & Wellbeing Ambassador is delivering a VC on his story and what motivates him at 1pm .

Friday 21st February

Training Day:- Working With Suicide And Suicidal Ideation: Assessment and Risk Assessment, delivered by Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Primary Care.


Perth College UHI and networked presentations


  • Young, Confident and Connected
    Studio 9
    Monday 17th of February


  • RASAC, Keeping yourself Safe Talk
    Studio 4
    Thursday 20th of February


  • David Smith, Health & Wellbeing Ambassador: My Story
    Studio 1  / Brahan Lecture Theatre
    Thursday 20th of February


Contact Ian.horne@uhi.ac.uk to arrange VC attendance