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Feeling Great Student Health Week

  • Yoga practices in the workplace, run by a student.
  • A workshop on tea and it’s health benefits, run in Café Sia.
  • Bike maintenance and local cycle routes.
  • Introduction to Tai Chi.
  • Historical walk/talk around Broadford (with wellies and oilskins!).
  • The WHAT
  • Tia Boxing sessions
  • Yoga
  • Boat Mechanics workshop
  • Skate boards
  • CPR refresher (to be confirmed)
  • Wii set up in Foyer FW
  • Boxing
  • Man hunt (Gillie Suits )
  • Segway
  • HLH funded 'Relaxation by Visualisation' session after school on the Monday in the community hall.
  • HLH funded intergenerational session in the high school on healthy recipes with S3 Hospitality pupils and up to eight adults from the community. 
  • HLH funded Zumba session booked for the evening on 3rd March.
  • Fundraiser for Highland Hospice in the run up to the week.
  • The WHAT
  • Stress Management workshop with Margot MacDonald…..she will also do a talk on relaxing holistic therapies. It will be open to the community to attend.
  • The WHAT
  • Health and wellness day – healthy eating, mindfulness, spiritual wellbeing
  • Pilates
  • Awareness raising the nice café
  • Monday warm-up
  • The WHAT
  • Tai Chi Taster
  • Yoga Taster
  • Massage taster
  • 2 half hour de-stress workshops
  • Posture/muscle soreness workshop
  • Half hour exercise session at lunchtimes (abs/Stretch and Tone/mini Circuits/Arms & legs tone
  • The WHAT
  • A walking tour of Ullapool
  • Intro to Zumba
  • Swimathon
  • The WHAT
  • On Saturday 27th February we are running a Mental Health First Aid Kit workshop, aimed at teenagers and parents. It’s a full day’s workshop at the Leven Centre looking at some of the issues that teenagers face today, the impact this can have on their emotional wellbeing and a practical toolkit for parents and children to use.
  • Reiki Information session (to be confirmed).
  • Rehearsals for a play called 'Home Brew', an intergenerational project with opportunities for the people to learn acting, lighting and sound. The play is about alcohol use through the generations. There will be 2 performances, one for the school only in the afternoon and another in the evening which will be open to the public. The play will be in the theatre at Kinlochleven High School. The play will be performed fully in March.
  • The WHAT
  • The WHAT
  • The WHAT