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Daily Activities and STEM Challenges content

Daily Activities and STEM Challenges

Everyday throughout the Science Festival, we will be releasing a sensational science video or activity for you to try at home. Have a go at your favourites or try them all. Good luck!

Monday 4 May

Join reallysmallscience to make a nanopolymer bouncy ball! You can download written instructions by clicking on the date.

Tuesday 5 May

David has made us a quiz using his smartphone microscope! How many did you get right? Can you make a science quiz for your family?

Wednesday 6 May

In this video, Aileen from the Science Skills Academy shows us how to make a rocket! How high did your rocket go?

Thursday 7 May

A group of brilliant STEM Ambassadors presented a day of live streamed activities for schools and students at home on Thursday 7th May. Here is the exploding raindows activity that was demonstrated on the day!

Friday 8 May

To celebrate VE Day, the 161 (1st Highland) Squadron of the RAF Air Cadets took part in a special STEM challenge. They even challeged us all to take part too and to come up with our own challenge for Monday!

Monday 11 May

We have come up with our own paper aiplane challenge in response to the Air Cadets fantastic VE Day STEM activity. Can you complete the paper airplane bucket challenge? You can download full written instructions by clicking on the date.

Tuesday 12 May

In this video Gavin, a geologist from The Friends of Huge Miller Society, explains how layers of rock (called rock strata) are formed. Can you create your own rock strata complete with fossils?

Wednesday 13 May

We challenged pupils at Sir E Scott School on the Isle of Harris to make videos of the science they saw on their daily walks. In this video, a pupil had the great idea of doing a beach clean. Can you think of a way you could help the environment during your daily exercise? Click on the date to see an activity by Whale and Dolphin Conservation about ocean pollution to learn more!

Thursday 14 May

Explore the microscopic world! In this video, Ashlie from the Science Skills Academy shows us how to make our own mini microscope at home. Click on the date to download written instructions.

Friday 15 May

Some lovely, insect themed STEM activities for you to try!

Extra Activities! content

Extra Activities!

Extra Activities!

Looking for even more science fun? Listed below are some extra science activities!

Activity DescriptionDownload Link
Three fun, hands-on experiments for primary aged children all using washing-up liquid! Wonderful Washing Up Liquid
Super tricky space wordsearch! Daily Activities Space Wordsearch
Three exciting experiments to help primary aged children learn about the weather. ISF2020_Whats_the_Weather 
Science wordsearch 2! Science Wordsearch 
Learn how to make seedbombs! ISF2020_SeedBomb 



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