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Events  FREE to the public from 29 April to 12 May

STEM Play Zone   

Dates and time tbc

This interactive exhibition demonstrates the work of the STEM hub team.   Using videos and power point we will show what your child gets up to when they come to visit the  University of the Highlands and Islands STEMhub.  Why not try some of the out some of the activities for yourself. Or are you a teacher and want to find out about our CREST sessions? Drop in watch our big screen, take a look the activities table or attend one of our interactive sessions.

These short interactive sessions are just a taste of what we do - you can contact us on isf@uhi.ac.uk to book a specific time  or keep an eye on face book for the weekly sessions

University of the Highlands and Islands STEM Hub, An Lochran

Events will also be taking place in:

Inverness Library  

Inverness Botanical Garden

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery


Victorian Market

Inverness College UHI

SDS Church Street

The God Dimension: Do faith and  science  need each other?

Sat 29 April to Sat 6 May 10am – 4pm (except Sunday 2pm – 4pm)

Late opening Tuesday 2 May 6pm-8pm

ICrown Church, Midmills Road.

A exhibition  on screen and in print to explore whether it  is possible to believe in God and subscribe to the findings of science, particularly looking at The Cosmos.

Activities for accompanied children around the theme of light

The question is whether faith and science can co-exist in the modern world. The early scientists were able to develop their science because they knew from their Christian Faith that the universe  was intelligible, and they would be able to seek out the laws upon which nature depends. More recently, some scientists  have argued that science  can answer all our questions, and there is no place for God is this modern world. This exhibition explores whether it is possible to believe in God and also fully subscribe to the findings of science -particularly  looking at the physics of  the Cosmos.