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Schools Programme

The Inverness Science Festival has organised a set of activities for primary and secondary schools.

Primary School Programme.

Balloon Debate

All schools in the area can participate in the Balloon debate. Registration began early in 2016 and 12 schools in and around the Inverness area have registered and are preparing to hold a debate during the Science Festival period.

Body Works

The Body Works team will be in four primary schools during 3 to 6 May. Students will be participating in a variety of activities which are based around the body and how it works. These include seeing how smoking affects the capacity of your lungs, listening to the how exercises affects a heart beat and looking at the structure of a human leg.

Inverness Library

The staff of the library will be running a dinosaur based book session for a local primary school. Assisted by the Inverness Science Festival team the students will make their own hand puppet and see how they measure up!

Safe Highlanders

Run by the Institute of Occupational and Health this event is open to all schools. Aimed at P7 students it allows them to participate in a number or exercises which demonstrate potentially hazardous situations. The students acquire lifesaving skills including first aid, fire and water safety and internet safety.

Secondary School Programme

Mobile World of Work  Live

An interactive exhibition based around the World of Work careers system developed for the My WOW Careers hub. This was hailed a great success bu the four schools who participated in 2015 and in 2016 Skills Development Scotland have offered the system again to four schools in and around Inverness.

University of the Highlands and Islands Meccano Meccanoid Robot Competition: The Final

The top teams from the regional heat will be invited to participate in a grand final  at the STEM  Hub. A panel of judges from the competition’s sponsors will listen to all  the finalists
pitches, offer comments and award the prizes to each school.

Secondary Lecture series.  Closed lectures to students during the school day.

Big Bang Chemistry Show
The festival has invited Dr David Fowley back to give his explosive Royal Society of Chemistry Christmas Lecture ‘Big Bang Chemistry Show’ at a local secondary school. What will
he set on fire this time?

The Periodic table: heros and villians.
Dr Anthony Luke will give a tour of the ‘Periodic Table of the Elements’, meeting its heroes - the great scientists, whose discoveries have taught us so much about the world and
universe around us, and its villains – the toxic, radioactive and downright horrible stuff lurking within the table.

Not the Norm: unusual STEM carers.
So you like science and technology but think medicine is not for you? Find out about a raft of interesting career opportunities that exist through a set of case studies of friends and family.
Dr Sam Clark will walk the students through a selection of the more unusual career opportunities,  for example ‘Do you know what an epidemiologist does?’