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Schools Programme

From 2 May to 12 May we are running a set of activities for primary and secondary schools.

CREST Programme

Schools in Cromarty will be participating in workshops held in school and in the STEM Hub from 2 May to 12 May 2017.

Can you take the Sphero Challenge? Each class will look at coding using our new Sphero kits. These  were  purchased with a grant from The Gordon & Ena Baxter Foundation.  Maths and angles was never this exciting when I was at school.

Primary School Programme.

Balloon Debate

All schools in the area can participate in the Balloon debate. Registration began early in 2017 and 6 schools in and around the Inverness area have registered and are preparing to hold a debate during the Science Festival period. Contact isf@uhi.ac.uk for more details if you wish to participate.

Body Works

The Body Works team will be in five primary schools during 8 to 12 May. Students will be participating in a variety of activities which are based around the body and how it works. These include seeing how smoking affects the capacity of your lungs,  how exercises affects a heart beat and looking at the structure of a human leg.

Bloodhound SSC- the 100mph car

One primary school will host  a team from this project. P3-P7 will learn about the iconic Bloodhound SSC project and will build and race balloon cars.

Take a look at the  Bloodhound SSC website  for more details of the project.

Mouldy Mouse

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery in conjunction with University of the Highlands and Islands

Three schools will have the opportunity to attend this session, where the students will meet the curator and the conservator and find out about different objects and how we look after them in museums. Is it an ancient artefact, or just a silly old lump of stone? What is clay anyway? They will investigate these questions  using materials testing stations.  Then examine what terrible fate befell Mouldy Mouse, and will she ever get better?’ 

Secondary School Programme

Schools will be participating in workshops held both in school and at the STEM Hub from 2 May to 5 May 2017.

This includes

  • The Big Bang
  • Ethical hacking: University of the Highlands and Islands Data Challenge

Big Bang Chemistry Show

The festival has invited Dr David Fowley back to give his explosive Royal Society of Chemistry Christmas Lecture ‘Big Bang Chemistry Show’ at a local secondary school. What will he set on fire this time?