ISFIRE symposium overview

ISFIRE 2020 Communities and Partnerships: Strengthening Rural Education content

ISFIRE 2020 Communities and Partnerships: Strengthening Rural Education

ISFIRE focuses on the obligation of the global education community to influence policy aimed at delivering equitable and socially just outcomes for rural students. ISFIRE offers an international forum for sharing research findings, innovative ideas and evaluated approaches linked to positive, practical action. In our current global context, ISFIRE 2020 offers an opportunity for the rural education community to come together to celebrate the importance of rural education, discuss our common challenges, explore how research informs our rural practice, and share solutions to raise the profile of the teaching profession, support student learning, and recognise school leaders.

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General Information

  • The ISFIRE Conference will be held on the 5th – 7th August, 2020 in Perth, Scotland.
  • The Pre-conference Emerging Rural Scholars Summitwill be held on the 4th August, 2020.
  • This international symposium will include: keynote sessions, breakout parallel presentation sessions, and panel symposium sessions, with plenty of opportunities for discussion. You are encouraged to consider sharing with like-minded educators and researchers, and potential research collaborators your work to strengthen rural education.
  • The ISFIRE focus in 2020 is on Educating for Cultural Sustainability and how this strengthens and enhances rural education. In particular, six symposium threads (see below) have been described to guide you in planning your presentation(s).


Symposium Threads


Educating for Cultural Sustainability: Innovation for the Future


  • Preparing Teachers for Rural Schools
    • Nurturing leadership in rural schools
    • Promoting teaching in multi-grade contexts
    • Fostering career-long professional learning in rural contexts
  • Renewing Indigenous Languages
    • Valuing language-of-choice learning
    • Integrating technology with language learning
    • Involving rural schools in language revival
  • Developing Cultural Responsiveness
    • Responding to diverse cultures
    • Understanding refugee perspectives
    • Building bridges between cultures
  • Embedding Learning in Culture
    • Revitalising Indigenous ways of knowing
    • Optimizing digital connectivity to culture
    • Delivering place-based learning
  • Building Enduring Partnerships
    • Connecting rural schools with communities
    • Negotiating mutually beneficial partnerships
    • Envisioning potentially sustainable partnerships

Directions to the venue at Perth College UHI

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