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Route 3: Recognition Timeline

The timeline for seeking professional recognition through ALPINE will depend on which Recognition Route you are following. If you are taking Recognition Route 1 or 2, via the PG Cert Teaching in Higher Education, your timeline for recognition will follow the duration of your studies and will be determined by when you successfully complete the programme.

Similarly if you are taking Route 3 (Portfolio of Professional Practice) your timeline for recognition will depend on the period over which you agree with your ALPINE mentor to prepare your application. Associate Fellow and Fellow applications would be expected to be completed within three months, Senior Fellow applications in six months.

The ALPINE recognition process involves the following basic stages:

      Complete and submit ALPINE Registration for Professional Recognition

With the approval of your line manager

ALPINE Mentor Assigned

Participate in ‘Seeking Professional Recognition’ workshop

Professional Recognition Dialogue takes place

e-Portfolio becomes available

Begin gathering evidence and drafting application

Decide on main focus and examples to be drawn upon in application

Identify referees at this point

Refine and finalise full draft of application

Participate in ‘Preparing your Application’ workshop

Seek further input from ALPINE mentor

Feedback and finalise application

At start of month submit for ‘Critical Friend’ review

Finalise based on feedback

Submit application for Recognition Panel