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Route Three: Portfolio of Professional Practice

This recognition route allows colleagues with appropriate professional experience, and who may already hold a relevant teaching qualification, to produce an e-portfolio of evidence to be used as the basis for recognition as an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Below provides an overview of the role types at the University against the fellowship categories, although this is provided as a general guide only.

Portfolio of Evidence

The nature of the evidence you will bring together in your portfolio will also depend on what category of Fellowship you are seeking recognition against. The ALPINE framework follows the general HEA guidelines for the evidence required for recognition, but has contextualised some of these requirements to the ethos and principles of the ALPINE framework and to the University of Highlands and Islands. 

For Recognition Route 3, one important requirement is that some of the examples an individual puts forward in their application should take the form of digital artefacts that can be used to share good educational practice and resources across the university via either the uhitoolkit, or alternatively (for certain kinds of artefact) the Learning and Teaching Academy website.  Digital artefacts could take the form of reusable educational resources (e.g. interactivities, online materials, assignment specifications, activity designs), screencasts or podcasts that capture or describe good practice, or ‘teaching tips’ style articles that can be shared online.

Recognition Timeline

Associate Fellow and Fellow applications would be expected to be completed within three months, Senior Fellow applications in six months.

Recognition Timeline

Principal Fellow

The evidence required for Recognition as a Principal Fellow is as specified by the HEA. While guidance and mentoring is available through the ALPINE scheme to support applications for recognition as a Principal Fellow, please note that the applications process is one of direct application to the HEA using their criteria and producing the following:

The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

By completing the portfolio route you are evidencing the criteria required against the three dimensions of the UKPSF to gain either Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow of the HEA.

The three dimensions: Areas of Activity, Core Knowledge, and Professional Values

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