Good practice case studies

Innovative practice from university staff

Our good practice case studies are drawn from staff across the university.

Please contact Heather Fotheringham if you have a case study to share

Assessment and feedback

  • Negotiated assessment criteria in popular music, Pete Honeyman: PDF
  • Using screen capture software to provide formative feedback, Susannah Wilson: PDF
  • Using multiple choice tests for formative assessment, Gareth Davies: PDF
  • Using Mahara for assessment, Anna Wendy Stevenson: PDF
  • Using discussion boards to improve academic writing, Kathleen Murray: PDF
  • Using a template to help students structure written reports, Kathleen Murray: PDF
  • Groupwork and assessment in a level 9 module, Kathleen Murray: PDF

Enhancing teaching

  • Conducting large group tutorials using Blackboard Collaborate, Gillian Douglas: PDF
  • Supporting the NC to HNC transition by structuring theoretical content, Nazneen Hudda: PDF
  • Activity-based learning in HN Accounting, Sarah Sutherland: PDF
  • Engaging students through video conferencing, Silke Reeploeg: PDF

Supporting students

  • The little things that make a difference: organisation and management in HN Accounting, Sarah Sutherland: PDF
  • Supporting online students, Kathleen Murray: PDF


Rod Lovie: Audio feedback

Donna Clark: Using Turnitin