International Women's Day 2019

Friday 8th March 2019

International Women's Day 2019 celebrated the achievements of women across the university in teaching, research, professional services and student roles, with a spotlight session highlighting inspirational stories from students and staff.  We explored how the university has supported greater gender equality through initiatives such as the AdvanceHE Aurora Leadership Programme.  The programme also explored the gender pay gap and we heard from colleagues at Swansea University on how a panel of senior women supporting institution decisions has helped to close their institution pay gap. 

In the afternoon our keynote speaker Dr Maren Deepwell, Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) presented a session on her own experience of working in educational technology.  Following Dr Deepwell's session Deborah Halliday, final-year Geography student at the university talked about the importance of women working in the rural sector and her own interests and experiences in this area.  We ended the day with an inspirational story from Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Lews Castle College UHI.  As a recent winner of Hands up for Trad music tutor of the year award, Anna-Wendy talked about how music has inspired her teaching career and provided us with the opportunity to listen to her music.

 Graphic facilitation capturing the main themes of the day


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International Women's Day 2018: These Women Can!



Opening the programme: Dr Susan Engstrand, (Interim) Dean of the Faculty of Science, Health and Engineering, University of the Highland and Islands

Keynote: Athena Swan at Swansea University: Tackling the Gender Pay Gap: Professor Diane Kelly and Professor Joy Merrell, Swansea University.

Keynote: Promoting Equality: from professional practice and organisational culture to personal commitment. Maren Deepwell: Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and Martin Hawksey: innovation, community engagement and technology (ALT).

Hearing from our Aurorans: In 2018/19 10 colleagues from across the partnership took part in the AdvanceHE leadership Aurora programme. Hear their experiences and take part in a practical exercise exploring personal approaches to leadership.

Staff Inspiration Story: Music and Teaching. Join Anna-Wendy Stevenson for music and dialogue

The Aurora Video