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Thinking about Open

Sep 22, 2016
This interactive workshop was facilitated by members of the Open Educational Practices Scotland (OEPS) project team.

Facilitators: Beatriz de los Arcos and Beck Pitt, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University

Outline of session

Thinking About Open is a half-day workshop exploring what openness and open educational practices are. The workshop aimed to help instigate discussion at your organisation on how openness could make a difference to your own practices whilst acting as a springboard for further discussion on the practicalities of open practice. The workshop utilises a range of case studies and examples of openness to help facilitate discussion.

This workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in finding out more about openness and how it can make a difference to their own practice.

The workshop will be open run at the Learning Lab, An Lochran, Inverness Campus and simultaneously at Lews Castle College UHI.

Networked participation across the university will also be possible, and colleagues are encourgared to identify small groups of staff to participate from their own Academic Partner.

For queries about this workshop, and to register, please e-mail lta@uhi.ac.uk

Presenter bios

Beatriz de los Arcos

Bea is a Research Associate at the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at The Open University (UK).  Prior to her work with OER Hub she worked on the production and delivery of online distance language learning courses at the Department of Languages (OU). She collaborated on the development, implementation and evaluation of the JISC-funded LORO repository, which provides OER for language teaching and learning, and facilitated OT12 MOOC in Open Translation tools and practices, the first ever MOOC produced at The Open University. Bea also contributed to the course evaluation strategy and was part of a team researching the formation of online communities beyond linguistic barriers. She was responsible for community engagement on a range of open education initiatives, including the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education (SCORE). With OER Hub she led the project’s collaborations and research in the K12 sector, in addition to overseeing data analysis. Bea holds a PhD in Education from The Open University.

Beck Pitt

Beck is a Research Associate at the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at The Open University (UK). Beck joined IET in June 2011 having previously worked at the UK Data Archive, University of Essex, supporting the European Commission funded CESSDA-PPP project for its duration. Upon joining IET Beck worked as project and research support on the Gates funded Bridge to Success project, which collaborated with community colleges in the Maryland area to remix existing OU whole course OER for use as bridging content for students beginning their college studies. Beck also supported the JISC/HEFCE Rapid Innovations Track OER project prior to joining the OER Research Hub in January 2013.


Beck was responsible for a range of collaborative activity during the OER Research Hub Phase I including research with open textbook providers OpenStax CNX, Siyavula and the BC Campus Open Textbook project. She also carried out follow-up research on the Bridge to Success project and worked with P2PU/Creative Commons and the Co-PILOT project. Beck also led the development and delivery of the OER Research Hub’s P2PU course Open Research, which was awarded a RCUK/Open University Engaging Research award in February 2015. She is currently leading the course’s redevelopment following two successful iterations in 2014 and 2015. Beck has a Phd in Philosophy and is also a committee member and social media lead for the UK Sartre Society, aspiring lindy hopper and novice sketch-noter.