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Learning and Teaching Academy Scholarship Fund

The Learning and Teaching Academy awards a small number of scholarships each year to enable university staff to undertake relevant education-related scholarship and research. Academy scholarship calls are often linked to current or emerging issues of particular interest to the university, or which are topical within the education sector. However the scholarships can also be focused on the further development of existing pedagogic research projects.

The outputs of scholarship projects typically take the form of reports, with recommendations to guide effective practice and further research, or may also be produced as academic papers for a chosen education or discipline-related journal.

LTA Scholarship Fund 2016/17

The LTA Scholarship Fund for 2016/17 is now open for applications. This year we are inviting proposals for research and evaluation projects in three key areas:

  • Topic 1. Institutional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) review (joint LIS/LTA Scholarship)
  • Topic 2. Investigating results from the Student Satisfaction and Experience Survey
  • Topic 3. Inclusive assessment practice

Please note we are seeking to make one award of £10K for Topic 1, and one award of £5K for either Topic 2 or Topic 3. The work to be undertaken for Topic 1 has a shorter timescale, and will directly inform institutional developments in relation to the Virtual Learning Environment. It may be particularly suited to a small team approach, although individuals are welcome to submit proposals. The successful bid against either Topic area 2 or 3 will work to a slightly longer timescale, and may suit an individual or small team.

Submission process

  • Proposals are due by 17.00 pm on Monday 16th January 2017
  • Proposals should comprise a completed LTA Scholarship Fund 2016/17 Application Form and Letter(s) of Support
  • Funding decisions will be communicated no later than Friday 27th January

Other key dates

  • Submission of short progress report (up to two sides of A4) by Monday 10th April 2017
  • Submission of final report for Topic 1 Institutional Virtual Learning Environment Review by Wednesday 31st May 2017
  • Submission of final report for Topic 2 or Topic 3 (dependng on which is funded) by Friday 28th July 2017

Further information including key documents

If you have any specific questions about a particular Topic please contact the colleagues named in the document LTA Scholarship Fund 2016/17 - Call for bids. Similarly please see the guidance in the aforementioned document if you have any general questions about this year's call or the proposal process.

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