LTA Connect: webinar guidance


The Learning and Teaching Academy use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for webinars. Collaborate Ultra is a web-based virtual classroom technology and you should be able to join simply by clicking the link below at the time of the webinar.  You do not need any software downloaded and you do not need to be signed up to Blackboard.  You will need a camera and a microphone if you wish to be seen and heard.  There are functions in the virtual classroom that allow you to type questions.


For participants

Getting set up…

When you first join the space you will promoted to set up your camera and microphone, please follow the instructions on the screen.  There is a chat space that can be used to type questions so the microphone is not essential and the camera is optional. Headsets are a good way to eliminate background noise and echo. 

Once you have set up your camera and microphone you will see that there is a line going through the microphone and camera icons on your screen.  You can turn on your camera and microphone by clicking the icons.  We recommend you keep the microphone off when the presenter is speaking. 

Trouble connecting: Trouble Shooter

  • Close all other applications on your computer/device
  • Check that you are using Chrome
  • If connection is running slow turn off your camera.
  • When all else fails: Try leaving the session and rejoining using Firefox

All other instructions will be provided at the beginning of the webinar, please join at least 5 minutes before the start time so that you can set up.

Joining the virtual classroom


Functions within the virtual classroom


For presenters and moderators

How to upload and display a powerpoint presentation and record a webinar


Additional presenting function in the virtual classroom

May also be available as a Virtual Classroom Guide pdf - please enquire.