IT changes this summer

A summary page of the IT service work that will be happening this summer.

Video conferencing

Information on what we will be working on this summer and what this will mean for you.

Service NameDate/TimeDisruptiveAdditional Information
Video Conferencing Wednesday 1 July - Friday 31 July 2pm - 4pm, Thursday 16 July During July  upgrades will be carried out on all the different components that make up the Video Conferencing service. Some of these will disrupt the entire service, whilst some will mean local disruptions to individual suites. Specific disruption information will be issued when and where appropriate. The upgrades being carried out will slightly change the way the display whilst in a VC, but they will also mean that dial in codes for meetings will no longer change and increase the capacity we have for hosting meetings. Further information will be uploaded to the VC pages after the upgrades have been applied.
EDU Toolkit 12noon - 2pm Thursday 2 July Yes

Staff with access to the service will receive an email after the upgrade that will outline the new features.

**Now completed successfully

LIS Maintenance Weekend

9am Saturday 4 July - 5pm Sunday 5 July To be confirmed

This is a service at risk period. Infrastructure work will be undertaken at the LIS datacentre so all services have a low risk of some disruption over that weekend.

**The Online Library Catalogue will be down for 30 minutes on Saturday 4 July 10am - 10.30am.**

**All completed successfully

VLE - Blackboard

3am Tuesday 14 July - 5pm Thursday 16 July Yes

This is a technical upgrade. Any differences that students need to be aware of will be advertised on the VLE service pages.

** Upgrade is complete, some building blocks are still being work on. The VLE service pages will be updated prior to the start of the academic term.

Library Management System

(including online library catalogue)

9am - 1pm Thursday 16 July Yes

This is a technical upgrade that won't affect the look or feel of the service for our staff and students.

** Now completed successfully

'UHI' WiFi 5pm - 6pm Thursday 16 July Yes

Eduroam will be available for staff and HE students. WiFi pages provide further information on all the WiFi services offered.

** Now completed successfully. There will be further WiFi updates before the start of the academic term, which will be posted here.

Perth college Internet/Services


5pm - 5.15pm Monday 20 July Yes

Preparatory work for change on the 21st.

** Now complete

Perth college services


5pm - 10pm Tuesday 21 July Yes

Work on the Perth college network will be carried ou on the 21st. There will be no access to local college services, but Perth staff and students will still be able to access email and the VLE.

** Now complete

Mahara 1am - 5pm Monday 27 July Yes

This is a technical upgrade that does not significantly change the look or feel of the service for our staff and students.

** Now complete

Viper Monday 3 August No Viper is a new service that will allow the staff owners of VC recordings to easily transfer the recording to the Helix Stream service. Further information on how to use the service will be available shortly.
Voicemail 5pm Friday 7 August - 9am Monday 10 August Yes

This service is being moved as part of the planned work to relocate Inverness College to the new Inverness Campus.  Voicemail should be reviewed and deleted prior to the seventh. If you are off campus you can still access your voicemail by dialling 01463 273090, entering your mailbox number (your extension) and your PIN.

** Now complete