Out of hours password resets

The out of hours servicedesk can now reset student passwords

The university are now able to support student password resets during the evening and over the weekend via our out of hours servicedesk team.

When you call the service and require a password reset, the team will verify your identity against data that we hold in our student records system. You will need to provide the service with your student number, and you'll asked to verify some key information. When they match the information they will be able to carry out an admin reset of your password, and tell you the temporary password you have been given.

To be able to use any other university service after a password reset you must change your password to a new one of your own choice, this can be done in 2 ways;

  • If you are using a college PC when you get your password changed, you can use ctrl+alt+del and then select 'Change a password'.
  • If you are working on your own equipment you will need to access the MyUHI service front page and reset your password from there. Don't worry though, we've got instructions to help with this if you aren't sure.

Services such as email and the VLE will not allow access with the temporary password.

Please create a password that you have not used before, this must me a minimum for 5 characters in length to meet corporate policy, and for security reasons we recommend that it contains at least 1 letter and 1 number.

Password resets will not be available to students who do not have a current enrolment, or students who 'opted out' of the service on their online enrolment form.

If you need to check if you opted in or out, login to UHI Records, select 'Student Hub', select the 'Personal Details' button (at the bottom), and then the 'Data Consents' tab. Click on the 'Click Here' link on that page to check or update those options.

If you do not know your student number then you will need to speak to your local college or the UHI Servicedesk day service (available 0800 - 1700, Mon- Fri).

This service will not be able to reset staff accounts.