Service Advisory Information

August 2015, Windows 10

May 2014, UHI Communities, End of Life Notification

The UHI communities Service available at will be suspended and terminated at the end of this academic session in June 2014.  This service has been replaced with Mahara available at

Mahara provides Portfolio, Profile, File storage and Share options along with Blogging facilities all of which can be access controlled.

Demonstrations and training can be provided on request by contacting

April 2014, Heartbeed

You may by now be aware of the Heartbleed bug, which is a security vulnerability that has been identified recently, which has the potential to compromise user account details. We have been analysing our services and if there are any potential issues staff and students will be notified via their UHI email accounts. We won't ask you for your password details, we will just let you know how to reset them if there is a chance that you need to.  However if you use the same user name and password outwith the University you should consider changing your password

One of the two following methods can be used to change your password online;

  • If working on a PC in a college or UHI office site, you can hold down the keys:

Control, Alt and Delete which will give you a dialogue box with the option to change your password.

  • If you are working remotely, you can change your password from within the MYUHI system.

A guide to accessing the MYUHI system is available if you need assistance. Once you have accessed the MYUHI desktop, click on the start menu and choose windows security. You will see an option to alter your password.

You can also contact the UHI servicedesk on 01463 279150.

We maintain pages on information security that might help you think about measures you need to take in the future to keep your identity safe online.

April 2014, XP Support

Microsoft are no longer supporting Windows XP

If you have a Windows XP device at home you should be aware that Microsoft are no longer supporting this operating system. Your device will continue to work, however  it means that there are risks with continuing to use this operating system as security patches and anti virus updates will stop being provided for XP leaving the device vulnerable to viruses and malware.  Microsoft have published web pages to help XP users move to a newer operating system. If you aren’t sure what operating system you are using there are resources available to help you check your version.

December 2013, Service Information, Malware alert

Please be aware that  we have picked up on an urgent  UK government agency  alert about  a CryptoLocker ransomware attack targeting UK email accounts. If your PC becomes infected with this malware it  will lock your personal files, and potentially any files on attached network drives.

All College and UHI PCs have Sophos antivirus software installed which should prevent CryptoLocker from running, but we’d like to remind staff and students that  UHI provides free antivirus software that they are able to use to  protect their personal devices.

As well as ensuring you have antivirus software you should also do the following to help prevent your device from becoming infected with viruses and malware:

Do not to click or download unsolicited email attachments.

Update your Antivirus software and operating systems regularly.
Back up all your important files and store them off your network.
Where a  college computer becomes infected this should be reported to the UHI servicedesk or your local College IT department .

October 2013, Service Information, AppGrad app

Please be aware that AppGrad app is not approved for use with University of the Highland and Islands IT Systems and should not be used. It is not associated with the University of the Highlands and Islands.

It is our understanding that this product requests you store your login credentials on their service, which is a breach of the University IT security policy.

UHI LIS have not been approached by this company and do not have an understanding of what security measures are in place to protect any details that may be entered.

Furthermore, it is not clear whether this company or product complies with Data Protection Act.

This service should not be used to access University resources.

Students who have already loaded this app are advised to delete the app and contact the UHI servicedesk to request a password reset.