iPad Configuration Instructions for Office365


Download Instructions - Steps to configure your iPad to work with Office 365 Email

Download Instructions - Using your iPad at UHI

Steps to configure your iPad Device to work with Office 365 Email

If you have no other Email accounts configured on your device:

1.            Go into the MAIL App

iPad homepage


2.            Select Exchange from the displayed list

iPad configuration


The following screen will be displayed:

email instructions


3.            Fill in the following Details;

Under Email, enter your email address in the format eo01ab@uhi.ac.uk

Under Password enter your usual UHI password for your email account.


4.            Select Next

email instructions


5.            Once this step has completed you will see the Exchange settings screen,

You will then need to select what items you want to Sync to your device.

We do not recommend syncing contacts with your device. Select SAVE.

email configuration

6.            Mail is now configured, additional configuration options such as days of mail to sync are available under settings, ‘mail, contacts, calendars’.

email configuration


Additional settings screen:

iPad configuration for email


If you already have an email account configured on your device, follow these steps:

Click settings, then ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’, then Add Account.

Then follow the steps above.