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Windows 10

Information on Windows 10 from Learning and Information Services

Microsoft have recently released the newest version of the popular Windows operating system, unlike previous upgrades this one is being offered as a free online download for those running most versions of Windows 7 or 8.  Anyone with personal equipment running Windows 7 or 8 may receive notifications that Windows 10 is now available.

Learning and Information Services are not recommending that our staff and students update to Windows 10 at this time. This is because:

  • The operating system is very new, although it will have been thoroughly tested by Microsoft we would anticipate that there some initial issues will be found. We’d general recommend that you wait until updates for the operating system have been released.
  • Whilst we don’t anticipate any issue using our core services with Windows 10, we haven’t carried out testing to check that they will all work.

If you do choose to upgrade your own equipment you might also want to check that any software you need to use is expected to run  on Windows 10 and that your equipment (at least) meets the recommended requirements.