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What is MyUHI?

Using the MyUHI link, available from the shortcuts menu or the above banner, you can log into the service and access your files from any internet connected device.  You can also access a range of software applications.  MyUHI requires you to log into the service using your normal user name and password.

Who uses MyUHI?

All staff and students within the university have access to use MyUHI.

Why should I use MyUHI?

MyUHI provides secure remote access to applications and data. This means if you are working offsite you can still access the main university services as well as network drives.

Using MyUHI you can:

  • Access your remote file store (your 'documents library' area and other mapped drives)
  • Swap files between their local PC and your remote file store
  • Use applications such as Word, Excel
  • Access your email
  • Access library journals, if available
  • Access other internal resources such as intranets.

You should use MyUHI when working from home, and even within the university, if the device you are working on does not have the software you require.

When is MyUHI available?

This service should be available for use 24/7, 365 days a year. However there will be times when we need to carry out essential maintenance work, such as fixing a serious fault or making improvements. We will endeavour to give notice of any work that will mean you can't access the service, but this may not always be possible.

If we know about a problem we'll tweet about it, and if it is prescheduled work we will also send out an email notification to your university email account.

MyUHI FAQs content


Q: Do I need Citrix Receiver to use MyUHI?

A: You no longer need to have Citrix Receiver installed to use MyUHI, when accessing choose 'Use Light Version' to access MyUHI on a tab within your internet browser.

Q: Do I need an account and password to access this service?

A: Yes, this is just your normal staff or student ID and password.

Q: What do I need to run MyUHI on my PC?

A: Nothing is needed, you can use the Light Version of the service which is simply run on an internet browser window. Have a look at our basic use guide for more information.

Q: Is there anything that might catch me out when using the software?

A: Sometimes people store documents on to the Desktop when they are in Citrix, but this means they'll be lost when you log off. You should always save your documents to a network drive.