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Learning and Information Services runs an extensive Wide Area Network serving over 100 locations across the region. We deliver JANET services to the University and to all the FE institutions in the Highlands and Islands.

Nominet member logo

Nominet member logo
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Domain Name Services (DNS)

The DNS infrastructure connects names like 'www.uhi.ac.uk' to the Internet Protocol (IP) numbers which operate across the data network.

LIS operates the DNS services which support names within the .uhi.ac.uk , .uhi.org.uk, .uhi.net.uk and .uhi.co.uk domains on behalf of the University.

Nominet member logoThe University is a Registrar with Nominet, the UK national name registry. This means that we can register names in the .org.uk , .co.uk, .net.uk domains - for example .thinkuhi.com on behalf of our Marketing team. To register or cancel institutional name assets please contact LIS Servicedesk.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

Ubiquitous wireless networking allows mobile device and laptop users to work everywhere on all campuses - wirelessly.

See www.uhi.ac.uk/lis/wifi for details.