Information on the OneDrive for students service which is available through the university's Office 365 package

OneDrive for students content

OneDrive for students

OneDrive for students

OneDrive is provided to the university as part of our service. It is available to all students (and staff) who have a '' email account. This service provides you with 1TB of cloud storage, with the ability to upload, share and access documents between and over a range of internet connected devices. This makes it easier to collaborate on documents with your peers.

Important information about using this service

  • Confidential or sensitive data should not be stored on OneDrive, as it stores your files in the cloud.
  • This service is not backed up. If you accidentally delete a document it will be held in the OneDrive Recycle Bin for up to 3 weeks. So if a document is really important make sure you have a copy saved elsewhere.
  • When you share information, make sure you know if you've shared the folder or the document. It is easy to see in OneDrive who has permissions on any folder or document. The user documentation gives you more information on this.
  • Don't try to save individual files that are more than 2GB large, the system won't like it!
  • Although 1TB is a lot of space there are some additional technical restrictions imposed on file sizes.
  • As with any of services, once you've logged into a college device and logged into the service, don't leave the workstation logged in and unattended. Remember to lock the workstation before walking away.
  • This service should not be used for official coursework submission.
  • If you've got a Windows account you may already have a OneDrive area, so Microsoft will use a generic name for the one we provide which is 'OneDrive for Business' or you may see 'OneDrive for Students' and 'OneDrive - university of the highlands and islands', these are all the same service.
  • Once you leave the university you will lose access to this OneDrive, you should ensure you take a copy of any important files prior to completing your studies with us.

Accessing the service

To access the service you need to login to our Office365 service using your full university account (<userID> and your usual password.

Click on the top left hand menu bar (square made up of little squares ) and select OneDrive. When you first go to access this there will be a delay as the service will be activating your account.

You'll also get a question tick box "Let's get social". If you leave in the tick the service will include information in your newsfeed, we'd recommend you choose 'No thanks' at the moment and make changes to your newsfeed settings manually when you get used to the service.

Using the service

We've produced a guide to help you use the service.

Microsoft have provided information on how to make the Office365 products more accessible. 

There are also online introductory guides to the office web apps;

OneDrive for staff content

OneDrive for staff

OneDrive for staff

The university has not generally licensed OneDrive for staff use at this time because the implications for records management at each partner institution have not been reviewed. Students can still share documents from their OneDrive with staff and these will be accessible without staff having their own OneDrive.

Staff who are part of the Executive Office Records Management project will have access to OneDrive as part of this project.

Staff who have downloaded the free Microsoft Office suite from Office365 will find that they have access to a limited OneDrive area, this is not a fully licensed version of OneDrive. This means that the amount of storage provided is limited and although documents are still secured with personal permissions, the available amount of storage is shared so there is the potential for the area to be filled up by other users. We'd recommend that staff using this have a look at the information provided to students for a general guide on using this area.  If you are a member of staff who does have access to OneDrive you should not use this for saving university data, that should only be stored in network drives or the records management system. Staff should ensure that they save institutional documents in the appropriate service.

OneDrive guide content

OneDrive guide

OneDrive guide

Microsoft OneDrive for Business* is your professional document library—the business version of the OneDrive consumer service.

OneDrive for Business uses Microsoft Office 365 hosted productivity software (Microsoft SharePoint Online) to store and organise your work files in the cloud. When you store your files in the cloud, it’s easy to share them so that others can review or edit the content. Sharing files this way is much more efficient than attaching them to email messages.

OneDrive for Business also makes it easy to access your files from anywhere and from multiple devices, even when you’re not on the university network.

Have a look at our Guide to using OneDrive