Password self-service


If you forget your password you can now reset it yourself quickly, online and at any time of day.

To set this up it’s important that you provide a back-up email address or phone number, and if these change in the future you’ll need to update the details you have registered.

When you forget your password you can request a reset using this service.  This automated system will use the phone number or email address that you have setup to send you a unique code that will allow you choose a new password.

Setting up password recovery content

Setting up password recovery


Push the button here to set up password recovery.

See below for a brief video on completing this process:

How to reset your password content

How to reset your password

Once you have set up measures to recover your password you will be able to reset your own password by clicking "Can’t access your account?" when on the login screen. The below video gives a brief view on how to do this: