Working from home


If you will be working offsite you may need some guidance on how to configure or access your equipment.

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Q: Where can I get help when working Offsite?
A: You may find the information you are looking for HERE
     You can also contact the IT helpdesk on 01463 279150, email or Live chat support

Q: What equipment do I need to work from home?
A: To use the University’s Services you can use a PC/Laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet
     Check out information on buying your own device HERE
Q: What preparation do I need to do before I can access the IT services from home?
A: You will need to be a current student and will require your student ID number and password to access our
Q: Does the University supply software that I can install on my home machine?
A: Most software that you will require can be accessed from the MyUHI service
     As a student you are also entitled to download a free version of Microsoft Office (more information on this and other available software).

Q: What IT services can I access from home?
A: You can access the following:
The ‘Virtual Learning Environment' (VLE) of the University of the Highlands and Islands is Brightspace. This is a computer program that stores learning materials, assessments, tests and surveys and is the online equivalent of a classroom. Some students will do all of their learning using the VLE, others will have a blend of online learning and face to face teaching.
Provides access to books and journals for loan and reference, which support the courses offered, access to resources held across the network through inter-site loan (speak to your librarian). This is subject to local rules on borrowing, access to other university libraries.
The MyUHI Citrix service provides a virtual UHI desktop on any internet connected computer as if you are actually logged on to a computer at the University. Using the MyUHI link, you can log into the service and access your files from any computer and you can also access a range of software applications that run across the internet - this means that you don't have to have these applications on your computer but you can still use them from any computer connected to the internet.
UHI Drop Box provides a convenient way of sharing files with internal and external people to the University. We have introduced this service to make it easy to share large files (25Mb+) which cannot be handled by UHI Mail.  The purpose of this service is to transfer data and the files are NOT backed up. Users should maintain a copy of the file and carry out backups on that if required.
Email allows fast, inexpensive and efficient communications to take place. Messages can be sent and received regardless of geographical barriers. It allows messages to be sent and forwarded to multiple recipients without the need for retyping. Electronic documents can be distributed via the email system.
Within UHI we use Office365 to provide our email service. Webmail allows you to access your e-mail or calendar over the Internet from any web-enabled computer in the world.
Students, use UHI Records to:
• View/print your results
• View your current modules
• Change your address
• Contact your personal academic tutor
• Enrol (only available to certain students at certain points in the year)
• Access the Student Representation Survey
Displays current Academic Calendar
UHI Mahara is a fully functional ePortfolio system with social networking features
  • VC (Video Conferencing)
Many students may attend lectures via Cisco Webex Teams, the video conferencing software we use.
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Staff will access most of the services from home via the same avenue as students (see student dropdown menu above)

Q: Can I divert my office telephone to my home telephone or mobile phone?
       A: On your Phone you can press *60 then the number you want to divert to (Note that for external you will need to
            put a 9 before the divert to number)
            To Turn off divert press *65 on your phone
            Note: All diverts will be required to be authorise by your line manager 1st

Q: Can I access my Voicemail from Home
       A: Dial 01463 273090 and type in your extension number

Q: Does the University supply software that I can install on my home machine?
       A: Most software that you will require can be accessed from the service

           You can download a free version of Microsoft Office