The myday portal is available to all staff and students with an '' account.

  • Pass through connection to Brightspace and the students records system, no need to login again
  • A Gaelic interface
  • University, college and student association announcements through the Newsroom.
  • You can change your dashboard

How do I use myday?

Myday can be accessed:

  • by going straight to myday
  • it is set as the default home page on most college computers

A new UHI specific myday app will be released in September and announcements will be posted in myday portal it is available for download.

Using myday content

Using myday

Using myday


The first time you login in to myday or use the Mail/Calendar tile you will now be prompted to review and confirm the user profile data that you are sharing with myday. No new or additional data is being shared with the service.

If you are accessing onsite/on campus, myday may be set as the default home page on web browsers.

If not, open a web browser (we'd recommend Internet Explorer), and go to

Login using your full university ID, that is <userID>, with your usual password.

If you have multiple IDs you may find that Internet Explorer logs you in with the same ID you are logged into the PC with. If you want to login with another ID, please use a different browser (e.g. Firefox), this will allow you to specify what ID you login with.

Once you've logged in to the service it should be fairly intuitive to use. Please see the tutorial video above for a breakdown.

A new UHI specific myday app will be released in September and announcements will be posted in myday portal it is available for download.

Things to know

We've held a number of feedback sessions, from these we've compiled a useful to know list;

  • The mail and calendar tiles provide you with cut down access to these systems, if you want more options select the My Apps tile which will take you to Office365.
  • Calendar access from the portal is read only, and will only show your account, if you want to add events or see other calendars please go through the My Apps tile.
  • The newsroom tile shows the latest announcements, you can check your subscriptions and earlier announcements by clicking on 'Newsroom' from the left hand navigation.
  • We've added some of the important static content as bookmarks, available from the top ribbon, that means you can remove these from your dashboard but still have access to these.
  • Made changes to your dashboard that you don't like, use the Personalisation menu (top ribbon), scroll to the bottom and select 'Reset to Default'.
  • The social media tiles shown are the official ones for the university and your registered college, when you click on these for the first time you might have to enter a Captcha phrase, this is normal.

To get the full Gaelic dashboard you need to select the drop down against your name (top right), and set your language preference to Gaelic. Then select Dachaigh from the top of the left hand navigation.

Important information content

Important information

Important information

  • As this service can log straight through to Brightspace and UHI Records you should always ensure you lock your workstation before you leave it.
  • At the moment if you are logged into a college device you will need to login to the portal too, we are working on a way to simplify this.
  • If you come across any issues with the portal please raise this on the myday Unidesk form
  • It will be normal for new tiles to appear in the dashboard, though we'll always have supporting information on the web for these.
  • The service is designed to work with a number of internet browsers, if you are using Internet Explorer please use version 10 or above.
Help content



If you are struggling to access or use myday please raise a call on Unidesk and the Servicedesk or myday team will be in touch.

Once you are in the portal if you are looking for help, select Bookmarks (top left), and select Online Portal Help.