Yammer on Office365

Introducing Yammer

From April 2016 the current Yammer in use will be incorporated into our Office365 platform.

Yammer is the social networking part of our Office365 platform. It is going to be opened up for staff only, and will incorporate the setup of the previous standalone Yammer some staff were using.

For those who were previously using Yammer the only difference you'll notice is that your password will now be the same as your university password, all your existing groups and posts will still be there.

Yammer works well for;

  • Networking and collaborating,
  • Discussions and brain-storming,
  • Finding subject matter experts and help,
  • Creating special interest groups,
  • Creating closed departmental groups,
  • Advertising events.

Before you login please read our community code of conduct.

Using Yammer

To login go to https://outlook.com/uhi.ac.uk, click on the waffle icon (top left, cube of cubes!), and select Yammer.

If you are new to Yammer, once you've logged in you should;

  • Update your profile,
  • Have a look through the groups and see if there are any you'd like to join (or create your own if there is a gap),
  • Update your newsfeed to let people know what you are working on, or to ask that burning question.

The Yammer 101 video and help pages will show you how to achieve those first activities. After that ask the Yammer Self Help group for further assistance.

The ‘All Company’ main feed should be used sparingly; it is like sending an email to everyone so only post here if the information genuinely needs to be seen by all staff (in this instance all staff means all staff at all partners).

Yammer uses the @ and # symbols like other social networking applications, these are good ways to mention people and make your posts searchable for others.

You may find that that you get notification overload, you can change your notification preferences quite easily, Click on the cog at the bottom left of the screen and then select Settings.

Use Internet Explorer for the best experience as some functionality might not be available when using other browsers.