Supplied Device (during Covid-19)


A laptop on a table with a mug next to it.


This page has been constructed to provide a bit of guidance on laptops that The University of the Highlands and Islands have supplied to students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown/working from home requirement.

Initial Setup

These devices are provided to you direct from our supplier, they are new, and not setup with our corporate installation, so they require to be configured yourself, just as if you had bought the laptop from a retailer.

When powered up, Microsoft Windows will need you to create an account for use on the laptop. This must be a personal email address that you have, but it cannot, be your UHI staff or student account. Regard this as if it was a personal laptop just bought, that you intend to use for work or study.

Follow the on-screen process to setup up the laptop account, connecting to your WiFi when appropriate. Most of the options during setup are entirely personal preference, select options as you see fit.


Installing Applications

Once the setup is complete, you will need to get key applications installed for you to be able to work/study successfully.

We have compiled a list of applications that we consider to be essential:

Information on additional applications that may not necessarily be essential but may help with study/work can be found on our Software Downloads page


Accessing our services

At the University of the Highlands and Islands you will use your student/staff ID as a username to login to many services, the format of your username will be slightly different depending on the service you access.

The below list shows the various formats you should use for accessing our services.

ServiceUsername Format
Student ID 12340000
Computer Login 12340000
UHI Records 12340000
Brightspace 12340000
MyUHI 12340000
Libraries Resources 12340000
My Lectures
TCS/VC Recordings uhiad\12340000

You should familiarise yourself with the different login ID's to avoid difficulty logging in. You may wish to bookmark this page to refer back to at a later date.