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UHI service tips

Welcome to our new tips section, please keep an eye on this page as we will be updating it regularly. If you have any tips you'd like to share please email Tracey Cruickshank.



  • If you have more than one web based email account you check (e.g., personal hotmail and UHI email) use different web browsers to access these so that there is no conflict for login credentials. Alternatively use your browsers incognito/private mode to view the second account. Want to know how to do this? Instructions for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari are all available on the web.


  • If you are using Outlook Web Access through Internet Explorer  on a non UHI PC, remember that it needs to be UHIAD\username in the username box. Google Chrome users may require the IE tab Chrome plug in to be able to gain access to webmail.


  • Autocomplete actions (like type ahead name selection) will select the contact from your personal contacts address book. You need to ensure that any UHI mailing lists that also show in your personal contacts are removed regularly so that you send to  the latest list. Opening up the address book and selecting the name/group from the Global Address Book directly is always the safest method of selecting a recipient (the offline address book can be up to 48 hours behind).


  • To add a screen shot to your email, click on the main body of your email, select the Insert Tab, and then click on screen shot. You’ll be given a choice of the windows you have open and or a screen clipping tool to add a shot directly to your email.


  • To add the BCC field to your email, create an email then select the Options Tab and click on the Bcc button.


  • Before searching click on the magnifying glass in the search bar, this will open up a Search tab on the ribbon. From there you will have access to many more search tools to help you find what you are looking for.


  • To make outlook automatically close the original message once you’ve sent a reply, Click on File, then Options, then Mail. Scroll down to Replies and Forwards and check the box that says Close original message window when replying or forwarding.


  • Don't book meetings as All Day Events..... In Office365 'All Day Events' are intended for things like birthdays, so the default setting for this is 'Show Time' as Free.  If you send out an invite as an 'All Day Event' unless the setting is changed once accepted the invitee's calendar (including the room) will show the time as free and allow other bookings to still be accepted.  The best solution is to create an appointment for specific times and ensure that you set the 'Show Time As' to Busy.


  • If you cancel, delete or move a meeting you should use the meeting appointment in your calendar to do this and you must send an update to all attendees to ensure that calendars are kept in sync.


  • If you receive a meeting cancellation, click 'Remove from Calendar' to remove the meeting. Deleting the cancellation from your Inbox won't remove the meeting from your calendar.





      • When contacting Servicedesk about a Blackboard problem remember to include your staff or student ID, also include the name and code of the module you will be referring to.


      • What is Java and why does Blackboard need it?

      Put simply, Java helps websites, and is essential for delivering content and services to your web browser.


      • When working from home remember to keep your Java up to date.  The most recent version is Version 1.7.x (a.k.a Java 7), this version of Java works well with Blackboard.


      • If you cannot view Blackboard content in your favourite web browser, try switching to another.  A full list of operating systems and browsers which are compatible with Blackboard is available by clicking this link. Our experience in assisting staff and students in using Blackboard is that Internet Explorer and Firefox are the most stable, some issues have been reported using Google Chrome. Safari users may find some that some functionality, such as chat and flash based content is limited. For Mac users the best Blackboard experience would be via our MyUHI system.





          • If you have a UHI  laptop remember to disable your WiFi card before docking your laptop. If your WiFi card is enabled when you are docked it can cause network issues.


          • If you have a UHI  laptop and want to use the internet when offsite you will need to disable the UHI proxy settings (you'll need to remember to re-enable them when you come back to the office!).

          In Internet Explorer this is done through clicking on the customise button (cog at the top right), then selecting internet options,  click on the connections tab, click on the LAN settings box. To disable the setting remove the tick against the use proxy entry (don't change any other settings), to re-enable put the tick back in.

          For Firefox, click on the Firefox drop down at the top left, select Options, choose the Advanced button, then the Network tab. Click on Settings, then select No proxy, put back to Manual Proxy to re-enable proxy settings when you are on a UHI site.

          Download instructions: How to disable proxy settings in Internet Explorer

          • You can check the status of your UHI Servicedesk calls by logging into our webhelpdesk service. Go to helpdesk.uhi.ac.uk, login with your usual UHI username and password and click on the History button. There you will be able to see all open calls, the latest update will show on the front page, but you can click on the blue call number to see full details. You can change the filter to see closed calls.
          • Not sure what version of Windows you are using? Microsoft provide a checker that can help you find out.





          • When contacting the Servicedesk about a MyUHI problem please remember to include your staff or student ID, also include any error message that you receive – a screen shot if possible, the browser that you are using and your operating system.


          • If you are using Windows 8 or a MAC, please ensure that you have installed the Citrix receiver if you are having problems accessing the system.


          • If you are using a MAC and still cannot access the system using the receiver please ensure that your security settings allow the receiver.




          • Access your voicemail from anywhere by dialing 01463 273090


          • Access your voicemail from another UHI phone by dialing 73090 or *##, then press * and enter your PIN.





          • We can link our conferences to external systems. If you are linking to an outside agency, let the technical staff and VCMaster (vcmaster@uhi.ac.uk) know well in advance, 01463 279155. Arrangements should be made to have a test with remote sites before the actual meeting.


          Library and E-Resources


          • When you log a fault about access issues with an E-Resource, Book or Journal the following details are required to help troubleshoot the issue;
          1. Where you are working from, i.e., are you working on or off campus?
          2. The name of the browser you are using.
          3. The name/title of the resource/journal/book/collection.
          4. The URL of the articles or journals you are trying to access.
          5. The wording of the error message.
          6. If possible a screenshot of the error/issue.