translation memory service

The UHI translation memory service aims to bring translators and organisations together, as service partners, to contribute to the development of a national Gaelic shared service.

By hosting the translated material within UHI, both translators and organisations can access it instantly, from anywhere and at any time. By working collaboratively, there is potential to make savings on both costs and time, whilst also improving the consistency and accuracy of the translations being created, that can then be re-used with future documents.

UHI is committed to working closely with each translator and organisation to deliver a service best suited to their needs. Uploading previously translated material has immediate benefits as a good starting point and can assist by populating the databases with high quality translations, whilst providing material to create terminology lists.

Service benefits

For translators and for organisations.  Read our testimonials and follow our blog.

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Ruairidh Mackay
Gaelic Technology Services Developer
d: 01463 279341
e: ruairidh.mackay@uhi.ac.uk

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