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What are the benefits for organisations?

  • Opportunities to link with other organisations and collaborate on material.
  • Making use of existing translations to reduce the volume of repeated text being sent to translators.
  • Opportunity to save money by reducing the amount of material to be translated.
  • Closer networking with translators allows for more control over the translation workflow – progress updates, discussions and timeframes/deadlines etc.
  • Developing in-house style sheets and organisation-specific terminology lists will assist with consistency, regardless of who carries out the translation.
  • Savings made can be used to produce more Gaelic material within the organisation.
  • Quicker turnaround on translation tasks, due to workflow process.
  • Develop corporate terminology lists to ensure translators adhere to house styles.
  • Reduce translation costs by sharing resources with other organisations.
  • Access to high quality translators through the service network.
  • Can have more control over the finished translated copy –adhered to house style and corporate term lists.
  • All training, technical support, backups and storage of resources are carried out by UHI.