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What is TMS?

Online databases contain matched pairs of English and Gaelic sentences, phrases and terms. When a new text file is added to a project, searches are run through the databases, to look for any suitable matches that are similar to the new text. There are two types of database; A Translation Memory containing sentences and long phrases, and the Term Base containing terms and short phrases.

The translation memory can offer previously translated matches for new sentences, which the translator can then choose to accept and save/or adapt, to create an accurate translation. This new sentence is then saved back into the translation memory, ready to be used again. The software can also fragment a new sentence, using a mixture of phrases and sentences to create a match.

The term base offers matches for specific terms, which is vital to maintaining consistency within an organisation. These are highlighted in yellow and save the translator having to look through hard-copy files or online search engines.

For every term or sentence, contained within the databases, there is accompanying information that is displayed within the translation results panel. This gives information on who created that term and when it was created or modified. This allows the translator to recognise the most agreed and up to date term/sentence to use.

Organisation-specific terminology can be developed, in association with translators, to create lists for use by translators. These terms are to be adhered to by translators, therefore avoiding the use of various Gaelic terms for the one English term. This is particularly important when an organisation is working with more than one translator.

By making use of existing translations and term bases, these high quality translations can be re-used endlessly, by all service partners, to generate new translations. Adding in external databases, such as Ainmean Àite na h-Alba’s place names list and Am Faclair Rianachd Poblach (Public Administration) will also add to the resources that are available instantly. For every sentence, phrase or term added to the databases, meta-information is attributed to them, in order to check on who created it, when it was created etc. This is important when deciding which term to use – if it was the client who created it or another translator, for example.