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Why is UHI offering a translation memory service?

With the implementation of Gaelic language plans, many organisations are moving towards a more visible Gaelic presence, including producing more Gaelic translated publications. With the expected increase in this area, along with a desire for a more consistent approach to translation work within organisations, the need for high quality translations will also rise. Accessing the service databases, will ensure that the terminology and house style remain consistent.

Developing a network of organisations and translators allows for a central repository for all data that can be accessed by any service partner, from any location. As all resources are accessible on-line, organisations can send translation tasks to translators instantly and translators can start work without the need to search for client files, previous translations etc.

Delivering a shared service approach reduces the costs considerably, to individual organisations and translators, especially if they were to develop this type of infrastructure in-house. Full training on the use of the service will be given, along with on-going technical support and the initial development of databases as required.

In order to enable implementation of this service we selected Kilgray as the provider of its translation memory software. The University of the Highlands and Islands currently uses this software as part of its commitment to working bilingually. A Translation Memory Service, to assist the translation process, has never before been developed for Scottish Gaelic. As such, this radical new development is a first for the university.