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About the UHI Toolkit

The UHI Toolkit is open to all staff within UHI.  The aim of the Toolkit is to encourage staff not to re-invent the proverbial wheel but instead to share good practice and resources and to work together to create new resources.

Resources can be either a URL or an actual artefact uploaded to the Toolkit.

The Toolkit is intended to host:

  • Resources that can be used to assist staff in their teaching e.g. how to facilitate a discussion board, how to get the best from video conferencing, working with online students, etc.
  • Resources that can be used in student learning e.g. Khan Academy, learning objects developed by the Educational Development Unit and resources that you have developed yourself.
  • Images that staff can use in the development of their learning material.


The Toolkit has the following key features :

  • Ability to upload resources (online and local) and categorise them in multiple categories
  • Ability to search and discover resources
  • Ability to browse users
  • Ability to browse categories
  • Ability to create a favourites list


Link to the UHI Toolkit - http://www.toolkit.uhi.ac.uk/

The success of the Toolkit depends on the staff who use it.