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‘All Change at UHI Servicedesk’ – what is it?

After appraising our current service offering, external bench marking, speaking to our users and analysing what our users have told us about our service, we concluded we could make some improvements. We want to enhance our support across our unique institution, providing more ability for users to self-help in a one-stop shop environment and access us at times that are more convenient. We also want UHI Servicedesk to offer more of the technologies users take for granted such as live chat support and self-service.

Why are you replacing Webhelpdesk?

Webhelpdesk has been used for a number of years at UHI and after reviewing it along with alternative products, we concluded we should move to a new platform with additional features to help us deliver a better and much simpler service for our users

Who will be affected?

All users of Webhelpdesk will be affected. For staff and students, you will see a vastly improved and more informative self service system. Easier to use forms and guides as well as enhanced chat support online will be available.

For operational teams, your departments will move over to UnIDesk during the roll out phase, under the new governance framework for UniDesk. UHI Servicedesk will be in contact to discuss this during the development phase.

This sounds exciting, can my department join in?

The initial phase will focus on moving over all current operational teams in Webhelpdesk. If your department does not use Webhelpdesk but want to explore joining in the UniDesk @ UHI service, contact UHI Servicedesk to arrange an information session with the LIS Customer Services Manager.

What is UniDesk?

UniDesk is an ITSM Platform developed by education, for education. It is based on the TOPdesk Service Management software. There are now 9 partners in the UniDesk family:

  • Abertay University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of St Andrews
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Ulster University
  • University of Stirling
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Durham University
  • University of the Highlands and Islands

Who are the Service Desk Institute?

The Service Desk Institute is a professional body with worldwide membership. The SDI bring service desk professionals together across a multiple number of sectors to share knowledge and skills on service desk best practice. The SDI is an independent body of which UHI Servicedesk is a member. SDI provided a benchmark report to the university on the UHI Servicedesk, after interviewing over 15 stakeholder groups. The report provided the basis of ‘All Change at UHI Servicedesk’

What is ITIL?

ITIL is an internationally recognised IT Service management framework of good practice used by organizations to ensure a consistent approach to ICT service delivery. ITIL provides common terminology and processes to enable a more structured and understandable approach to how we delivery our ICT services in the partnership. UniDesk is also based on ITIL process and procedure. UHI Servicedesk staff are now all trained in ITIL Foundation in preparation for the launch of UniDesk.

Want to know more?

ITIL – www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/itil         

Service Desk Institute - www.servicedeskinstitute.com

Unidesk – www.unidesk.ac.uk